Brown tunes in to Dallas/Fort Worth clients’ needs for radio shoots

DALLAS / FORT WORTH - You’ve heard the line. You know, the one about the not-so-pretty personality that has a “great face for radio”....

That could certainly not be said of the striking Elissa Walker-Campbell. Walker-Campbell, a former University of Oklahoma basketball star, called on Kevin Brown for a recent shoot (their third together) at her home near Fort Worth. The goal: a selection of natural light headshots to be used for promotion.

If you’re a fan of sports talk radio, perhaps you’ve caught her show, The Big E Sports Show on Fox Sports Radio. She’s talked sports with some big names including Roger Staubach, Bobby Allison, Dick Vitale and Red McCombs. And she’s not the only one in the family to grace the air waves. Her father, Charlie Walker, was a 40-year member of the Grand Ole Opry and had a string of country hits, including Pick
Me Up On Your Way Down. Walker was one of country music’s best-loved disc jockeys as well. But it’s his daughter’s time to shine now.

Catch “The Big E” (she’s tall, okay) in the Dallas area every Saturday from 11 a.m. to noon on 1460 AM. Check out her website for details on other markets. And speaking of other markets....

Get the latest stock market and investment news on CNN Radio 1190 AM, Dallas-Ft. Worth. There you can tune in to Jim Whiddon every day from 3:00 - 4:00 PM. Whiddon is the host of The Investing Revolution and offers tips for investors and advice on financial planning. There are daily guests on the show. Whiddon is the CEO of JWA Financial Group, a Dallas company in business since 1986. His company has called on Kevin Brown multiple times for shoots in the company’s Dallas office for executive headshots, group staff photos, and images of Whiddon behind the mic to promote his show.

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